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Sweet Sue ™ Chicken & Dumplings- 24 oz. can

Made with 100% all- white chicken. founded in 1961 by James E. Beasley Jr. and his son Andrew, Sweet Sue® was named in honor of Mr. Beasley’s daughter, Susie.

The first product was canned chicken that was to be marketed in a 100-mile radius of Athens, AL.

In 1965, they began production of a canned chicken product, in hopes of capturing a government contract, which never materialized.

Having excess canned chicken in inventory, Mr. Beasley turned to a local café owner and ex-Army cook, Red Bennett, for advice.

Mr. Bennett offered his own chicken & dumplings recipe as a product Mr. Beasley could produce in his plant.

The first sale was five 24 oz cans to a local distributor, who ordered an additional 50 cases that very week.

The rest, as they say, is history….

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