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Dale's Seasoning ™ Steak Seasoning- 16 oz. 

Southern favorite for over 50 years!  Since 1946 from Birmingham, Alabama. 

Dale's Seasoning is a savory blend of exotic spices that enhances the flavor of beef, pork, lamb, poultry, fish, wild game, and vegetables. 

Dale's is highly concentrated and does not require long marinating.  Just shake well and add to food before and during cooking. 

Item Code:  DSS  PLU #1071



Emeril's ™ Bayou Blast Essence- 3.45 oz. 

Bayou Blast spices up dishes with ingredients that reflect the richness of Creole cooking, the round, mellow flavors of Italy, the complexity of Asian cuisine and the down home goodness of the American southwest.

Item Code: EBBE




Emeril's ™ Original Essence- 2.8 oz.

The secret to good cooking is in the seasoning.  My original Essence is perfectly balanced, a blend of spices and herbs to complement meat or fowl, fish, veggies and pasta.  I use it on everything but ice cream.  Put some in a bowl and keep it handy on your counter.  Sprinkle generously before cooking.  Add oil and use as a marinade.

- Emeril

Ingredients: Salt, paprika, black pepper, granulated garlic, onion powder, other spices.

Item Code: EOE



Forth Worth Stockyards ™ Liquid Smoke- 16 oz. 

Have you ever tried Liquid Smoke? Have you tried ours? You shoud. By far, it's the smoothest best tasting liquid smoke available anywhere. Our Hickory Original Recipe Liquid Smoke is the answer for that subtle smoke flavor on meats, soups and jerky.

Natural hickory smoke

Item Code:  FWSLS



French Market Coffee ™ Coffee and Chicory Dark Roast- 16 oz. can

Developed over 100 years ago by our master coffee roasters, this blend combines the boldness of our Dark Roast with the added richness of chicory.

Item Code:  FMC215




HongryHawg of Louisiana ™ Bayou Butt Burner Hot Sauce- 5 oz.

This is Louisiana's Largest-Selling Specialty Pepper Sauce! It is also a 2002 winner of a Scovie Award (the food industry equivalent to an Academy Award). It was our very first product and it remains our Best Seller. Don't let the name fool you. It's a medium heat sauce that goes with anything. This pepper sauce is a South Louisiana classic! It's made with Cayenne Peppers, Minced Garlic, Minced Onion, a touch of Cane Vinegar, that blend of spices and a tiny bit of Sea Salt.

Item Code:  HSBAYBB



HongryHawg of Louisiana ™ Bayou Pecker Power Pepper Sauce- 5 oz. 

The blend of spices and beer that completes this habanero sauce is derived from the Caribbean-Style Pepper Sauces. That with just enough garlic and onion to taste makes this the most unique pepper sauce to come out of Louisiana. It is the hottest sauce we offer but even with that the heat is not greater than the flavor. It was produced with the thought that, as with anything, if you didn't sweat, it wasn't that great.

Item Code:  HSBAYPP



Hormel Pigs Feet- 9 oz. jar

Semi-boneless and packed in vinegar.

Item Code:  HPFEET

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